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Sunday Main Event Location:
NYU Kimmel Center, Floors 8-10
60 Washington Square S, New York, NY 10012


Join hundreds of Bronfmanim and their families for a weekend of learning, conversation and connection. ALL EVENTS TAKE PLACE IN NEW YORK CITY. THE MAIN EVENT OF THE WEEKEND WILL BE SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 12.



Weekend Highlights

  • The main event of the weekend - an intergenerational day of community. Enjoy an immersive day of Bronfman-style content and depth, featuring alumni and faculty led workshops and discussions and plenty of time for connecting with old and new friends.  
  • Experience a Bronfman Shabbat at one of a dozen Shabbat lunches hosted by alumni and featuring text study and discussions led by faculty. Enjoy great company, good food, and thought-provoking conversation. 
  • Laugh and reconnect at fellowship class gatherings.
  • Have some fun and meet new people at Saturday night drinks.
  • .... and much more! 

30th Anniversary Host Committee:

Laura Liebman 1988 - Rhinebeck, NY
Sara Liss 1996 - Surfside, FL
Hallie Loeb 1987 - Denver, CO
Raffi Magarik 2005 - Berkeley, CA
Evan Parks 2005 - New York, NY
Susan Pultman 1999 - Wynnewood, PA
Joe Rashba 2010 - New York, NY
Judith Rosenbaum 1990 - Newton, MA
Stephen Rutman 2009 - New York, NY
Erin Scharff 1999 - Phoenix, AZ
Ella Shteingart 1988 - New Rochelle, NY
Jonathan Wachter 1996 - New York, NY

Karen Alexander 1988 - San Mateo, CA
Ben Amster 2002 - Seattle, WA
Jonathan Bresman 1990 - Newton, MA
Lily Dodd 2015 - Palo Alto, CA
Aliza Gans 2009 - Brooklyn, NY
Ellie Gettinger 1998 - Milwaukee, WI
Danny Greene 2000 - Los Angeles, CA
Julie Hartman 2010 - Long Island, NY
Elena Hoffenberg 2011 - Brookline, MA
Mattie Kahn 2009 - New York, NY
David Zvi Kalman 2004 - Philadelphia, PA
Ryder Kessler 2003 - New York, NY
Becca Krieger 2013 - Watertown, MA